The Breite Plateau is a legally protected ecosystem in the vicinity of Sighisoara, at low altitude: between 450m and 570m. The plateau is, in fact, the largest meadow with multisecular oaks in Central Eastern Europe.
In the Breite Reserve there are more than 600 trees between the ages of 350 and 450, including some specimens that have reached the venerable age of 800. There are 40 beetle species in their shade (some of them endangered in Western Europe) and over 270 species of day and night butterflies discovered six years ago by researcher Kuno Martini, many of them protected internationally.

How do you get to the Breite Reserve?

The Breite Plateau is reached very easily: 4km from the exit from Sighisoara to Medias (DN14), as soon as you pass the so-called “Hula Danes” point you will see on the left side the forest road climbing to the Breite Reserve. After the 2km of forest road through the forest you will reach a sunny plateau. From there the reservation starts – a wonderful and impressive place that you shouldn’t miss.
If you live or stay in Sighisoara, you can get to the nature reserve even by walking, through the two access points: Either you climb the hill of the Visii in the Cornesti neighborhood or on the “Groape”, starting from the Ana Ipatescu district.