About Sighisoara – medieval story

Short history

Sighișoara, Schässburg in German, Segesvár in Hungarian, is a town in Mures country, central Romania. Situated in the historic region of Transylvania, it is 90 km northeast of Sibiu city and 300 km northwest of Bucharest. The town circles a hill, on the summit of which stands a citadel with a ring of walls, nine extant towers including the “ Clock Tower”, and a number of medieval churches. Settlement of the area dates from the Bronze Age and, later, the era of Roman Dacia, but the town itself originated in the 12th century when it was populated by Saxon Germans. In the 14th century they secured its designation as a free city, enabling it to become an important center of trade by the second half of the 16th century. Much of the lower town had to be rebuilt after being ravaged by a fire in 1676. The historic center of the town was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1999. Population (2011 est.) 32,570. (source:Britannica.com)


On the marked and specially arranged spaces in the lower part of the city. Officially car access is restricted inside the citadel. Anywhere else:

2 lei/hour with your personal car, 10 lei /day.

10 lei/hour with a bus 100/lei day

Exchange offices/bank

You can find exchange offices on Octavian Goga street and on 1 Decembrie 1918 street and in Kaufland supermarket, open daily from 9.00 AM to 5 PM, Sunday 9 AM – 2 PM


Public Toilets (WC)

Public toilets are functioning daily from 8 AM to 5 PM in 3 different places:

Anton Pann street (near the car acces to the citadel)

Central park area (city center)

Cositorarilor street (in the citadel)

Besides these, any restaurant can charge you up to 3 lei


The weather is usually not windy, rainy days expected to be specially in spring and autumn.,

Useful telephone numbers

International emergency number in EU, and Romania also: 112

Pharmacies / Hospital

Pharmacies you can find in the Central Park area (more than 3), or on Octavian Goga street nr.12.


Food stores

Kaufland (most diverse products) Penny, Lidl and Profi (closest) to the center.