Top 10 Things to do in Sighisoara

1.Museums and expositions

The main attraction in Sighisoara is the citadel. There are plenty things to do there and many breathtaking places to visit. Starting with the City Museum, where you could learn a lot about the town’s history, found in the most important tower of the citadel, Clock Tower. We recommend ending the tour of the museum with the amazing view you could have from the top of the tower over the entire city.

Other attractions would be the medieval churches– the Monastery Church and the Church on the Hill to name the two of the most important, the Iron-Smiths Tower, today functioning as an art gallery, and many expositions like the Guilds exposition(newly opened), an exposition about the communist period(based under the Central Park Hotel), the Torture Museum and others.

Even walking trough the many beautiful, quiet streets is an exposition in itself. Every building has a story to tell and every view is breathtaking.

2. Guided private tours in the city or in the nearby region

For a personalized tour of the entire citadel and even the rest of the historic region of Sighisoara, you can book(with at least two hours in advance) professional guides. Every tour could be personalized according to the desires of the group. Guidance is possible in english, german, hungarian and romanian.

We can also recommend some guided tours in the nearby region like the fortified churches of Biertan, Viscri and Saschiz, Rupea, Malancrav and Darjiu. These tours can also be personalized according to your needs.

Contact for guidance: +40 752 243 538

3. Open market & Souvenirs

In Romania, open markets are like a tradition. You can find them almost in every town, especially Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Our open market is situated in Cornesti neighborhood , near the Tarnava river. You can find there fresh fruits and vegetables, but also traditional cheese, eggs and even flowers.

We also have a great variety of souvenir shops near the citadel of Sighisoara, the Gifty Shop being one that we highly recommend, situated on the School’s street in the Stag House.

Another place worth to mention is Teo’s cellar.  

4. Aventura park & mini Golf

When it comes to fun, we also have a variety of activities to show you. One of them is an adventure park found on the top of a hill called Vila Franka. Villa Franka also offers a restaurant, having a terrace with a breautiful view over the city and a large playground for children.

The road to the top of the hill is accesible by foot(taking 45 minutes) or by car/Taxi(10 minutes).

5. Spa and swimming pools

 Another fun thing to do here is going to the pool, especially if you visit on the hot summer days. The most important city pool to mention is Aquaris swiming pool, that operates usually from July until September .

Anyway, the biggest hotels in Sighisoara, like Hotel Corona, or Doubletree Hotel, offers swimming pools both indoor or outdoor, but also jacuzzi and sauna possibilities.

6. The Secular Oaks from Breite Plateau

Sighisoara is all about the past. Old streets, old buildings but it also has old oaks, secular Oaks to be more precise. The natural resevation “The secular Oaks from Breite Plateau” is truly unique. It represents a hilly area situated at the outskirts of Sighisoara, containing a variety of species of old Oak trees(400/600 years old), but also other rare plant species. It is a quiet, natural area, where you could take walks trough the forest, watch the beautiful nature around you, listen to birds chirping, and the grateness of the oaktrees will take your breath away. You could also have a picnic out there, if the weather is good.(Cleaning up before you leave is a must!)

7. The Cathedral Park

At the bottom of the citadel hill, besides Tarnava river, you will find the Cathedral Church and the beautiful park that surrounds it. This is another place where you will find rare tree species, like the Ginkgo Biloba trees besides the imposing church. Near there, besides the Tarnava river is a beautiful path with benches, perfect for evening walks.

8. The Scolar’s Stairway(Covered Stairs)

The Covered Stairs connects the Citadel Square with the Church on the Hill. Originally made with over 300 stairs, only 176 remains today.  They are covered because of the desire to protect the scholars from the wind, the rain, the sun or the snow.

At the end of the stairs, besides the Church on the Hill, you can find one of the oldest schools in Transilvania, Joseph Haltrich Highschool. Not only the stairs were kept in a pretty good shape, but they are still used every day by the scholars.

Climbing the stairs, you will have a different experience. In the sunny days the sun`s rays could be spotted between the spaces of the lateral wood, and on rainy days the sound of the raindrops pounding on the roof brings you a feeling of relaxation and peace. When you finally get to the top, you will be greeted by a medieval, beautiful landscape.

9. Church on the Hill

At the top of the Covered Stairs, an imposing building awaits you. The Church on the Hill, located at the height of 429 meters, is one of the most important architecture of the citadel.

Behind the church is an old cemetery, a resting place of Sighisoara’s early German settlers. After having done the inner tour of the church, you can take a walk on the cemetery, admiring the old tombstones.

10. The citadel towers

There were originally 15 towers, only 9 remaining today.

The Clock tower is the most recognised symbol of the city, visible from any point. It`s urpose was to protect the main gait of the city.

The Rope tower was rebuilt in 1350, after being destroyed on the Tatar invasion. This is the only inhabited tower.

The Butchers tower was the place where every evening the flocks were divided. It has a hexagonal shape and was strategically positioned to have a firing range in all directions.

The Taylor’s tower once housed the powder magazine which exploded during the great fire. In the upper part there are shooting holes to protect the fortress in case of invasion.

The Shoemaker’s tower found at the northern part of the citadel. It has undergone trough multiple destructions over the centuries. Today it hosts the local newspaper’s editorial office, as well as the local radio station.

The Furrier’s tower is the second tower where the herds were divided every night.

The Tin tower. Its top floor has throwing openings visible from the outside.

The Tabacco tower  built next to the Tin tower. The two are linked by the Archer’s gallery.

The Blacksmith’s tower built in 1631 on the site of the old Barber’s tower.

They all can be seen anytime you take a walk on the streets on the citadel. Their amazing construction will surely fascinate you.

For any other need of question do not hesitate to contact us +40.752.243.538.