5 tips for an unforgettable day in Sighisoara

Being a tourist is a great thing! This is the reason why most people visit places from time to time. Long lasting walks, relaxation, having time to admire whatever surrounds you, and getting out of daily routine… it brings rest, quietness and peace.

But what happens when you plan the place you are going to visit without considering an itinerary? Well, it may turn out much worse than you’d expect. Especially if you don’t have a long stay but only one day trip.

Thus, we gathered bellow 5 tips for an unforgettable day in Sighisoara.

1. The citadel is your target

Did you know that Sighisoara is the last inhabited fortress of Europe? The city has several attraction points(click here for further information), but the citadel is the main one, without any doubt. It also gather together several monuments you can check on your list, fully deserving your attention.

Once you step through the gates of the Sighisoara Citadel, you are carried back in time as you wander through the narrow winding cobbled lanes. You can listen to the calls of the town drummer, who to this day announces the town’s events, accompanied by his drum.

You’ll love wandering through its small, cobbled streets, while admiring its centuries-old churches and towers.

2. Write down your most important objectives

Before visiting Sighisoara, do some research looking for the most important tourist attractions, deciding which are your favorites. Our recommendation is to choose only two important touristic points to focus on, so as not to have a too busy day. It’s too overwhelming to do too many activities in a very short time, and your main goal is to relax. Once your list is done, you are ready for the trip!

3. Take a train or a tuk tuk ride trough the city

If you want to see the most important part of the city in a very short time, you can take a train or a tuk tuk ride(more details in this article). The ride takes 15 minutes and helps you see more objectives in a shorter time(in this ride you will also see the most important parts of the low city and the center of the city, not only the citadel).

4. Enjoy a good meal

After a few hours of walking up and down the old streets, and from all the information gathered so far, you need a good meal! Our restaurants are an experience in themselves, many of them having fascinating stories behind.

Click here to see the best restaurants of Sighisoara.

After a hearty meal and a little rest you can start over your exploration.

5. Watch the clock tower from outside

The Clock Tower  is a landmark of the city. A kind of business card that the tourist receives from the entrance of the citadel.

Visiting the History Museum housed in this tower is a good choice, but if you don’t have time for that, you can watch what is happening from outside.

The tower has two clock faces. One of them is facing the lower city and is decorated with wooden figurines made by the sculptor Johann Kirschel. There are seven sculptures in total, each of them representing a day of the week. Every day, the clock’s mechanism rotates one of the figurines on the outside. The clock facing the citadel is decorated with the figurines symbolizing the Peace Goddess, the Jusstice and Righteousness, and the Day and Night.

On every hour, you can stop in the front of the tower facing the citadel, watching the puppets move.

Finally, these are the 5 tips you should consider if you have a day trip to Sighisoara. We hope you enjoy your time here!